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What Drives You

Everything that we do comes with a drive to do something. Successful people always rise early to read or to engage in early activity. There are points that drives us and motivate us.

What are some of the things that shouldn’t drive us ?

1. Approval of Man.

Jesus died on the cross for us to have life again. No man did this but him . When we stand before God it’s an individual affair . Your cousins, best friends and associates can’t help you .

2. Resentment and Anger

Some of us get angry super fast without praying or seeking God. Our past causes us to revert to immediate anger sometimes. Tell your past to stay in the past . Resentment is a very dangerous thing because it doesn’t come alone . It has friends named jealousy and envy.

3. Limited Focus

When you don’t follow God or your dreams you can have limited focus. When we put God before us, we as Christians have to Abandon our Agenda. We must pay attention and keep our eyes on the Prize which is Jesus.

So ask yourself what is driving you closer to God . What’s is driving you from that Toxic relationship. Make sure whatever you do that you stay around the positive thing that will drive you !!!!!

Pastor Jay

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