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Think Like a Servant

Our jobs as Christians is to have the same mind as our savior. When we are servants we must have a humble and have great intentions while serving Gods people. When you think like a servant you abandon everything about yourself and focus on the will of God.

Servants put others before themself . They can take constructive criticism without being offended because they know the mission that God called them to accomplish. The Bible says , “ Let this same mind be in you ,like Christ Jesus . Our Lord had a mind of Peace and was not really bothered by the Interruptions.

As a servant we have to be concerned about Ethics and Character over Profit . Some assignments will have to do with you obeying the voice of God. As a servant you may find yourself with a small circle of friends, isolated many nights but in those times God is building you as a servant.

To be a servant you must stay humble and obedient,

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