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Pastor-elect Jason  Rogers was born to the late John Rogers (preceded in death) and  mother crystal rogers. He Was born and raised in the city of Long Branch   NJ. Pastor Jason grew up in McLaughlin Pentecostal faith church,  under the leadership of the late presiding elder earl  Langley. Jason got saved in his early 20s and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. He Is also a proud father of two beautiful daughters  Madison and Janay.  Pastor elect received his first license in the year 2008 as a minister. He then transitioned into another ministry Bethel community church under the leadership of bishop TB and executive pastor Lady where he went through a leadership academy and was ordained as an evangelist in the year 2021.


Jason is a worship leader and sings with various churches he has graced the stage with multiple gospe1 artists such as Johnathan Nelson, Byron cage, Donnie Tye, Karen Clarke hand many more. Pastor-elect Jason heard the voice of the Lord in January and  June of 2022 to start his own church. G OD Has given him the vision and the name for his church which was established in  September  2022. By answering the call in obedience, the church has quickly grown and has established a strong leadership team to help grow the vision.  He believes that once you plug into  Jesus,  there are no explanations needed at the powerhouse Tabernacle. Pastor elect believes in Building the church and families,  motivating and courage them to accomplish their purpose, and giving them knowledge by the Holy Spirit and the WORD OF GOD!


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