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Communication Poison

Why is that we as Christian have a way of over-talking other individuals. Today’s church we have a way of listening to respond instead of listening to instructions. Healthy communication has to do with two individuals talking to one another.

The Bible says “ The Day you hear Lords voice harden not your heart.” It’s hard to hear the voice of the Lord or anyone else if all we do is talk and not listen.

Poisonous Communication is toxic when it comes to building our relationship with the Lord or with people in general.

There are times in our walk where we will have to have Crucial Communication with people . We have to remember in a conversation, there are two or more individuals. We have to listen to one another. We have to break the “Listening to Respond “ habit . When we pray we are expecting God to listen to us . There is an expectation when we are petitioning God . After the petition we have to understand that we have to wait for a response. We can’t talk at God but have to listen .

In this season please don’t let your communication be poison. The Bible says season your word with grace . When the words are being seasoned, let your ear expect to hear the voice of the Lord. Let God diminish the ear wax , so you can hear instead of always responding first.

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