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God’s Oil for your Life!!!

I was in the auto store Firestone and I happened to be waiting for a tire to be changed. I looked at the different type of oil changes. The first one was your basic oil and filter change. Basic means that it is just that Basic. I compared that to our lives. We have to stop treating God like he is BASIC because we will receive a Basic Blessing.

Synthetic oil means that you are getting the best oil for your vehicle. The effects of the synthetic oil is different from basic oil. It makes the car drive much better, and it is much better on the overall system. God wants to give us the oil that is synthetic and once you get the synthetic oil change you can not go back to a standard oil.

When God deposit his oil, we must remember that the oil represents his spirit. As we grow in God he continues to deposit his oil in us. the same oil that ran from Aaron’s beard, is that synthetic oil from God. Bible tells us to Forget those things that are behind us. That was when we were in our Basic mentality. God done elevated you and that means you can stay on Basic oil????

So my question today is are you ready to receive NEW oil from God? Are you ok just being Basic with basic OIL.???

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